Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing
Rainbow Colors or the buffalo robe is silver, violet, green, gray.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thunder Roars

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Drums


Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning to Find Gold Seasons That Sing


White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums, 
from the Heart of Seasons That Sing



Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon. 
From the darkness we arise a heavenly child. 
(2014, solar and lunar calender align, January 1, a cycle of renewal) 

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to Let You Know!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Aunt Daneen Sings Her Heart Gleams

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Drums


Aunt Daneen Sings Her Heart Gleams

Relatives, today's Sacred Song Blessing for our Sister, Aunt Daneen Penecale Nichols, the cosmic woman of the stars (silver child). White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums from the Heart of our Relative, the silver child who brings paradise out for awhile.
Whitebuffalocalfwoman &Holiness David Running Eagle!!
Thank You!!!
I LOVE you Both!!!
{{{{ ♥ }}}}

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Seasons That Sings, tells us how to bring, the sunshine of heaven down where it is green, the glory of God seeks refuge in every heart. I tell you this story to gift you a lofty start. We are shining together, like a Rainbow in the sky. We are all together in the deep swelling wide. We are all together, the SUNS in the sky. We are the treasures forever, because LOVE Realized.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cosmic Woman of the Stars, the Silver Child Smiles

Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother
Sacred Song Blessings for our Aunt Daneen, the cosmic woman of the stars.

I woke up today to show the world a better way. I woke up today, to see the stars in the fields portray. How can you see, how important love can bee (a great dream)? How can you see, without looking at me(reflection of self in the silver child's mirror)? Long and past of the residence, where the world is longing to be, one big happy family.

We are working hard, to plow the fields. We are working hard, to make it all real. Come and join me hand in hand. We are gentle sands. Take my hand and you will see, the waking of paradise in me. We need you to show your face, the glory of all your tastes. Time is witness to what we have done, now it's time to shoot another gun (gun of blasting purification in rainbow colors, sp
ears of light).

I thought about the world. They need so much to be real. Don't have a way, to make it a solid pave. Then we need seek you out, to make a harmonious shout. We are lifting all to be, the greatness of the leaves (relatives on the tree of life). Where have you gone, without your soul? It's time to open this window. Pour your love upon the shores, all the relative's doors.

We are together one family (rainbow clan). We are together in the seas (heavenly and earthly too). We are together in all this world, because love is all our thrills. Come my family dance with me, show the world your face. Glow with slumber in the taste of making all dreams fulfilled. I want you to know it's real.

Wake up to harmony. Wake up to sea. We are children forever shown, the glory of the warmed (fire's light). I want you to know paradise, the song inside of you. Listen to the heart that lingers near, then you will find the way through.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums from the Heart of our beloved Silver Child, our Aunt Daneen Penecale Nichols

On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 11:39 AM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother <> wrote:
Beloved Aunt Daneen, Sister of the Rainbow Clan,
Ah, your man is Lakota, such trouble. Yes, I understand. Me too, Lakota. Relatives who are supposed to snow or offer blessings to the world, but so very much hate lives in them and all this opposition taught by the white man, the father nation. The hate just rolls in from these relatives. Learning to forgive the white man is not easy, even if they have white man in them, which most native americans do. You show him all he does not want to see, the silver child in thee. Why don't we talk on the phone, this might be better than email. Send me your phone number and when you are available and we can talk. I do have some time today, I get pretty busy in the late afternoon and holy day begins at nightfall for our family over here.

Your position in the Rainbow Clan is Cosmic Woman, it is unique, because you are the mirror to the world and they just don't want to look at it. Silver is the position of Aunt (12), because Rainbow is the Mother (12). You know, when  a young woman has not married yet (silver child, the young woman), she yearns for the best in a man. You really couldn't have any other best than Danny. Because Lakota is the one who stands (eldest souls), however, the physical world is soooooooooooooo very young and he is on the red road full of lessons. You must learn to demand purification rituals. And he knows better. How, well we will start going over it. And you have to fight for love. It's not going to be easy.

Let me verify who is Lakota. We know it's Lakota heritage, however it must be passed on by the Mother, not the Father, which many do, because of our evolutionary nature right now. It's hard to get on the blue road of heavenly virtues. Also, you have to be someway related to this.

He is Lakota (standing) and Nakota (embracing), mother's side. You are Dakota (wind) on your Mother's side. Ah, yes, I understand. You need him to be the house, while you stream through. He does not understand much about his spiritual nature, because he lives in the physical world. He must spend time every single day, lots of time, hours in fact, to purify the spaces in order they are sacred. It's going to be an uphill battle. But I will hold your hand and show you how to demand, to bring the best out of your man.

Holiness David (lavender child) my husband is Dakota as well. And being a lavender child is violent and caustic. It's been an uphill battle for sure. Now a days, he is much quicker into true love. Thank God. But I had to fight all along the way, to ensure, he is a Holy Man. The both of you, will understand each other, in fact you carry violet overlay, which is a gatekeeper (one of two, both sides as the gate into paradise, the lavender color, swings both ways).

Let us look at his rainbow colors, Danny's buffalo robe. magenta, silver, green, gray. 
Daneen's buffalo robe is silver, violet, green, gray. 

Okay, magenta's heart path is three colors up is rainbow, but this is not you. You are silver. It's a hard position. However, he carries silver and green, like you. There is understanding, but not alignment. You see, green aligns with blue and yellow or stands next to. You are alike.

However, there is a greatness about your collision. You as the silver child want paradise and reflects paradise (yearning). And he as a magenta child (great caretaker of the small and wears a red robe full of lessons), wants to take care of paradise. He has to dance and sing an hour every single day and he should be a dance teacher (native dance). Also, the ghost walk is today, encourage him. He should be able to dance and sing, along with a hand drum (when no other drum is available), better than anyone else, well any other colors of the rainbow.

Ah, I am the house (lakota stands stable, like a rock) where the winds (dakota) blows (cosmic snow, many blessings or many stones). I am the mirror into the soul (eternal life or migration path). You are the mirror into the flesh (rainbow colors, ancestry, past to presently, the reality). you are learning one day, to become like me, the crystal child. The Rainbow Mother delivers the rainbow colors, birthing the soul. Descending with the soul, the Cosmic Woman delivers the reflection of the rainbow colors, the mirror into paradise. Yes, we want paradise. But our Sioux relatives are not being wakan or holy walking. This is hard, because they literally go around killing each other, physically not understanding it's about purification or killing the impure, like boiling water. Sacred Blessings are the wave of understanding all we say. once a person starts to bless, the impure is left out and you will have your man back. But it's getting worse and worse for the world as we collide with heavenly souls within us all. Demanding sacredness will save your life, your husbands life and the life of the rainbow clan. There is lots to demand, because love rules the land.

I wanted to get this on a blog, so you can look at it. And I will soon. Just wanted to make sure it's all in one place. 

And importantly, blankets are an honorable way to heal the world. I knew there was something very special in you. Your violet color gives you the power to stand your ground. He is worth the fight for love. And you have twins with him, together again.

Okay, send me your phone number and we can talk if you have time now until late afternoon today.

Love and blessings, to all the sacred nine streams and four holy beams.
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal child
Sister/Niece, Brother/Nephew, Mother, Child

ps I call you Aunt to honor you, as the Silver Cosmic Woman from heaven.

 Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother Beloved Sister Daneen, Waiting for your email to start with collection of blankets for the great give-a-way. There is much to dew. Now to your buffalo robe (holy temple), your four directions in rainbow colors. Ah you are the Silver child, the cosmic woman who views paradise, the yearning of true love. You are the mirror to the physical world in rainbow colors. Now, the next rainbow color overlay is violet, of course, the high priest/ess, the voice of the collective, the one who holds the world upon your shoulders. You stand like a mountain and complain for others who are unwilling. Teach others to validate you, this will help them understand. It's not easy to validate. Say repeat what I said, that's all that is read/needed. This is the great story teller (hearing other people's hearts). When we hear others, we validate and show respect to them, even when hatred is coming at us. The mountain can stand up to adversity, to help others find the clouds around the mountain top where the spirit runs free. Basically, you are to teach people how to bless the sacred nine streams and four holy beams/directions with fire and water. Use fire, water or collective (both) smoke and say these words, "I bless the sacred nine streams and four holy directions". It's most important to teach about fire blessings and forgiveness blessings, in order for people to find paradise, and to see the world as a place where brotherhood will survive. Next color overlay is green, the spiritual leader of the darkness, the reflective crystal, green is. Green is the Oneness, where all flow through. Often green wants to hide away, but how will you hide from all things? you cannot, one must learn to drive the flowing in a direction, to help the people find their way/waves, the path of the hoops (four roads, heavenly/soul/heart/sound blue road, earthly/flesh/mind/color red road, to and fro/spirit flows/dreams yellow road, return on home/earth bowing down/heaven awaits my colors to shine/to bring home another line/alignment white road), that save all children of heaven and earth. Green is the embrace of Oneness. Last color gray and all of seen world of paradise, carries this color at the end, to help create reflections (triangles) of light in order to create paradise. We do not sea into spiritual world, because it's like looking out of a window, right through. They do not carry gray at the end, thus it's four directions in colors, but no reflections (triangles). We call gray, Grandmother dreamspace. And we have gray children, who are the true Grandmothers of the entire dream space. Okay to sum it up, Daneen's buffalo robe is silver, violet, green, gray. The inner most color often not seen and since silver is like a mirror, we don't see silver at all, but the reflections of the world who are falling (on their knees for prayers, the great bow). Ask more questions if you like, however for now, you can search on this page, and Oh, I have an image, I will upload here for the silver child, all is wild, now to tame the world, all will know the great chill (snowflakes, cosmic snow, the great blessings of the crystalline stones), heavenly reel. They are pulling us inwards where the light from within shines, to bring our souls to revelations sublime, the greatness of each single child. Aho ah, the valley of the green grass awaits us all. White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. ps. I think you joined the crystalindigochildren group and I will sing your rainbow colors for you over there. Love and kisses to all the misses, where the arrows fly through all the hues!
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